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Traditional Public, Charter Public, and Home School families – please use the following links to request funding for your scholar(s). Private school families please use the same forms if requesting funds. We must have a current W-9 on file. Please read instructions on how to complete form:

Academic Enhancement Plan Instructions-2020


Academic Enhancement Plan FORM

(Funds are being requested in advance of purchase)

AEP – Receipt Report FORM

(Returning receipts – 30 days after receiving check)

AEP – Reimbursement FORM

(Returning receipts – based on approved purchases using personal funds)

Parent Expectation Form

(Upload completed document in the above link)

Elementary STEM Education

Cartoon puzzle pieces (Paige and Paxton)

We believe that there’s a little STEM in every child that needs to be nurtured.

We hate that early STEM is esoteric, hard to access, and complicated to implement.

We envision communities where early STEM is universally accessible so that every child can experience the joy of inquiry, problem solving, discovery, and innovation.

Check out the STEM website.

Brain Training

MindBuilders is a privately owned small business affiliate of Parents Challenge. Their purpose is to help children who struggle in school. They identify learning weaknesses and create one-on-one training programs targeted to reboot (integrate) the brain & strengthen cognitive (learning) skills.

Results are highly beneficial! Contact Fred and Judith Hanke, 719.821.0268

Screen Time Tips for Parents
Check out the information here.
Betsy DeVos on Coronavirus:
What Are the Feds Doing to Help Schools?
Check out the information here.
Freeman Family

“While searching for the best Kindergarten education for my daughter I was given the information for parents challenge by a school that had been working with them for years.

Parents Challenge has been such a Blessing to my family. Through the classes I have learned how to have meaningful engagement with my child based on her individual needs and learning style. This has really strengthened our relationship.

This program has afforded my daughter to learn how to play the piano. Without the support of Parents Challenge this would not be possible. My child thrives because of the support from Parents Challenge.”