Train Your Brain Tuesday: Episode 3

Train Your Brain Tuesday: Episode 3

Train Your Brain Tuesday: Episode 3


We know that as a family, your life is probably looking anything but “normal” these days. Like the thousands of families we work with and talk to around the globe, you may be feeling anxious or worried about how much (or little) academic enrichment your child is receiving at home. Most parents are feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped to take on the role of ‘homeschool helper.’

That’s why we created our new video series called, “Train Your Brain Tuesday.” These videos provide you with free brain-building activities to use if and when you need them, to supplement the schoolwork you are already doing at home. The brain training exercises are challenging (but fun!) and each recorded episode lasts about 30 minutes, or longer, for kids who want to beat their own time or compete with a sibling!. Watch them now or later, when you need a change to your new routine.

We are here for you, no matter what things look like for you in this moment.

This week’s focus is WORKING MEMORY and LONG-TERM MEMORY.

These brain training exercises for kids ages 5 and up can be done with their siblings, or the entire family! Kim Hanson, LearningRx CEO, is also giving away FREE brain-building activities in addition to the ones she demonstrates. Watch the video above, and then go to our website to download your free activities. Free CE course for teachers, too!

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