Your children do not need to remain trapped in a school system that is failing them.

Too many kids are stuck in poor performing schools (often in low-income neighborhoods), limiting their access to quality education.

ZIP Codes should not determine the quality of kids’ education. Largely unaware of school performance data, too many parents lack the information and resources to consider alternatives to poor performing schools. The perfect storm: poor children in under-performing schools with no way out… systematically sustaining the cycle of poverty.

Choice and freedom are enshrined in virtually all aspects of American society. Why not in education, especially for low-income families, for whom education offers the greatest hope for economic advancement?

Every child should have access to quality education. All parents should be empowered to choose the school that is best for their children.

All children have the right to be educated

Parents know what is best for their children

Schools must be accountable to the children and their parents

Empowering parents with “choice” means a better education for all

Parents must be engaged in the education of their children

Most importantly, we are committed to making these beliefs real and available to families in Colorado Springs, Colorado and, ultimately, across the country

Having helped over 2,000 low-income students over the past eighteen years, Parents Challenge is committed to expanding those opportunities for many more students and parents in the Pikes Peak region, but we need your help! Please consider getting involved.