Many of our Parents Challenge students will need additional academic support in learning skills required to make them proficient in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Tutoring is an educational area that is not well-regulated, and parents are advised to make necessary checks into whom you hire or allow to interact with your children as a tutor. To the desired end of securing the most effective tutor for your child, Parents Challenge has compiled a number of articles that will serve to educate families on making reasoned choices for a tutor who best fits the family needs.

Good questions to ask:

Things to consider: Tutoring services are not regulated and vary widely in their success rates.  As you consider your scholar and their needs, review the chart below to determine which type of service will be a best fit for success. 

Type of tutoring Delivery Strengths Challenges Pricing
Online 1-1 or small group Convenient Internet connectivity - Disconnect 65-100 hourly
In-person Varies Personalized Instruction Transportation 65-100 hourly
In-home 1-1 Convenient Distractions 65-100 hourly
Hybrid models 1-1 and small groups Connect with schools: Grades and remediation Varies depending on company 65-100 hourly
Homework helpers 1-1 and small group Keep grades up Does not remediate skills 20-65 hourly
Special Education programs Primarily offered in small groups Remediate skills with research-based programming Costly 20,000-40,000
Advocacy Individualized Provides legal support for special education Time-consuming 300+ hourly
Corporate Franchises Primarily offered in 4-1 groups Prescribed curriculum Workbooks promote confidence, not skills 10,000+ packages



Online resources

Special Education Services
Legal Aid

Office of Civil Rights

Attorneys / Special Education Services

Pikes Peak Library District “PPLD” Tutoring

PPLD Homeschool Hub

Huntington Tutoring and Test Prep Center

Mindbuilders – (Brain Training and Integration)

MindBuilders is a privately owned small business affiliate of Parents Challenge. Their purpose is to help children who struggle in school. They identify learning weaknesses and create one-on-one training programs targeted to reboot (integrate) the brain & strengthen cognitive (learning) skills.

Results are highly beneficial! Contact Fred and Judith Hanke, 719.821.0268