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Many of our Parents Challenge students will need additional academic support in learning skills required to make them proficient in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Tutoring is an educational area that is not well-regulated, and parents are advised to make necessary checks into whom you hire or allow to interact with your children as a tutor. To the desired end of securing the most effective tutor for your child, Parents Challenge has compiled a number of articles that will serve to educate families on making reasoned choices for a tutor who best fits the family needs.


Your state Department of Education is required to maintain a list of approved tutor providers that shows the tutoring services offered in specific school districts. Thousands of students in Colorado are eligible for free tutoring under the Federal No Child Left Behind Law. Generally, a child qualifies for free tutoring if two criteria are met:


1.   the child is listed to receive a free or reduced-priced lunch

2.   the child attends a Title I school that has been categorized as an “in need of improvement” school for two years in a row

Title I schools are defined as schools where at least 35% of the student population are from low income families. To find out more about individual service providers for free tutoring, please go to: cde.state.co.us and in the search box, type in “Supplemental Educational List.” Click on the first link with the same name. Clicking on an individual provider will give you:

· Provider Description
· Program Description
· Service Summary
· Districts Served

Moreover, for additional articles on tutoring, both free and for fee please go to: greatschools.org to find out about how to receive additional support, academic and non-academic, from your current school; how to use on-line learning programs; what constitutes the tutoring conundrum; and some suggestions for high-tech Math tutors.