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Parents Challenge is dedicated to helping children escape failing schools by helping their parents exercise CHOICE. We help parents learn about what education options are available and how to pursue them.

The Parents Challenge program is built
upon four key activities:

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Parental Empowerment

Facilitates multi-level parental engagement in the educational process by training parents how to be better education consumers, tracking and recording children’s progress, selecting supplemental support and materials, interacting with teachers, administrators, and education boards, and understanding the broader implications, challenges, and benefits of educational reform.

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Scholarships + Grants

Provide partial private school tuition funding (scholarships) for low-income families, as well as grant funds for transportation, computers, and tutoring for Parents Challenge participants opting for public schools or charters, and curricular materials for homeschoolers.

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Student Services

Assist with evaluation, monitoring, and improvement of academic and cognitive skills, as well as developing coping and life skills. Students and parents will be expected to record all academic grades, standardized scores and all extra-curricular activities in a student journal.

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Community Engagement

Facilitates outreach and collaboration with other service-providing organizations throughout the community, as well as with progressive school boards and other key constituencies, dedicated to broader educational improvement.


Ankrum Family

We stumbled upon Parents Challenge unexpectedly, but have been so grateful ever since! Parents Challenge sessions and financial aid have been a huge blessing to our homeschooling family. Due to PC’s financial resources, all four of our kids have been able to participate in speech and debate. They’ve enjoyed competing and learning and we’re so grateful for how this has given them a voice and taught them how to use it in a way that impacts their culture. Nathaniel (’17) and his wife live and work on a university campus in southern California. Serena (’18) lives dually in Colorado and Cambodia where she works at a children’s home. Sofia (’22) is involved in speech during her last year of high school and is considering a career in ASL interpretation. Michael (’24) is attending a twice weekly homeschool program and is also participating in speech and debate.