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Our goal is to provide advocacy sessions that will empower parents to help their children be successful throughout the school year and beyond. These sessions are also designed to support family growth and sustainability. These sessions were suggested and developed with Parents Challenge parents.


These sessions are not geared to tell parents what to do, they will be geared to provide parents with tools and resources to make informed decisions regarding their child’s education that can be applied at school or at home. Ideally, these sessions help parents to ask questions, seek additional support, develop goals with their children, learn to assess performance data and develop skills to monitor their students’ overall progress. These sessions also support low-income families with financial and community resources.

2022 Parent Schedule
SPRING Semester

Session Color Coding

Maroon – Mandatory Sessions

Blue – Regular Advocacy Sessions

Orange – Tracks (must commit to the entire track to receive credit)
You do not receive credit for attending 1 or 2 sessions – ALL sessions must be attended to receive CREDIT for the TRACK

All in-person sessions will have a meal component




Session #14: Power of Persuasion

Community Project

Mandatory: All Families

This session will feature our 4+Families sharing their journey of “The Red Paper Clip” Communication experience.

Location:  Antlers Hotel

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dr. Regina Lewis,
Professor, Pikes Peak Community College,
Founder –

Session #15: Surviving and Thriving Math Concepts (High School)

This session will focus on students conquering Integers, solving different types of Equations and Graphing on the Coordinate Planes. Join this session to discover a new way to help your child enjoy and understand high school math.

PPLD East Branch
5550 N Union Blvd
Colorado Springs, 80918

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Mary Ann Hubl
Owner, Math ETC LLC

Tutoring, Speaker, Math/Algebra/Geometry website

Track #4: Survival Skills: How to get ahead and stay ahead

(Must commit to all three sessions)

Are you tired of missing the mark? Frustrated that those you thought were or should help you, have fallen short. Have you hit enough brick walls and not been able to recover? This series will take you on a journey to set and establish goals to eliminate the ups and downs of staying on track, meeting your expectations, and managing life with all parties involved.

Go on this journey of self-discovery with a former welfare mom who has earned her Ph.D and is a professor at PPCC and the Newman University.

9:00 am – Noon
Dr. Tiko Hardy, LAC, LCSW

Chief Diversity Officer, PPCC
Founder, Pikes Peak Leadership Solutions

February 2


Session #16: One-on-One Brain Training

If your child is struggling to learn, focus, read, or remember, there’s a good chance the problem is brain-based. The way to address the cause is to strengthen the weak skill that is making learning (and life) harder than it needs to be.  One-on-one brain training with one of our certified trainers does exactly that with fun, challenging mental exercises that strengthen weak skills and improve cognitive performance. Our programs are like fitness routine for the mind.

Cognitive Skills Training has supported clients struggling with: Attention Challenges, Reading Challenges, Traumatic Brain Injury, Math Struggles, Speech & Language Disorders, Memory Decline, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum and many more…

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Laura Lynch
Learning RX

Session #17: Chair Yoga

Join us for one-hour of chair yoga.  Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques together to create the mind, body, and spirit connection.  We use a chair to provide opportunity for those that need low impact but maximum results.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Leon M Abdullah-Ward
Owner, In-Balance

Track #5: Nurturing Fathers

(Must commit to all 7 sessions)

The Nurturing Fathers Program is an evidence – based, parent training course designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills to men. Each 2-hour class session provides proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development. The Nurturing Fathers Program brings together men from all family circumstances to explore what it takes to be their child’s nurturer and teacher. Fathers learn how important it is to provide loving praise and a nurturing and secure environment so that their children gain self-esteem and confidence. The program also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and supportive co-parenting relationship with the child(ren)’s mother, whether the parents are together or separated.



6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Ken Sanders
Certified Master Trainer
Nurturing Fathers – CO

February 7
March 7
April 4


Track #6: Cooking Matters at Home

(Must commit to all three (3) sessions)

February 7

Cooking Matters at the Store: Shopping on a Budget

This session will discuss how to buy fruits and vegetables on a budget, and practice comparing unit prices, reading food labels, and reading ingredient labels to find whole grains.

March 7

Money-Saver Alert:  This session will discuss how to use everything that you have (or have access to), practice using ‘hard to utilize’ ingredients in a variety of recipes and discuss how to save foods that you can’t use right away and how to limit food waste with children while still introducing new foods.

April 4

Spice Up Your Cooking:  This session will discuss how to incorporate more spices in your cooking for more flavorful and exciting meals, as well as ways to save money on spices and health benefits of different spices.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Monday)

Jessie Henderson
Taylor Hargis
Care and Share

Session #18: Don’t be Afraid of Math Concepts – Conquer Them
(Middle School)

This session will focus on Conquering number patterns and Sums along with Conquering positive and Negative Integers.  Students will work on Percent, Word and Solving Equations.  They will be introduced to Geometry Topics.  Join this session and learn that “The best angle in math is the Try-Angle”.

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Mary Ann Hubl
Owner, Math ETC LLC

Tutoring, Speaker, Math/Algebra/Geometry website

February 17


**This class is NOT intended to provide legal advice, as Ms. Love is not a practicing lawyer, paralegal, or entity who is allowed to provide case-specific legal advice. This class is meant to give an overview of the ways to navigate the family court process** 

Session #19: Survive, Strive, and THRIVE Amidst
Family Court Experiences

Have you experienced past or present trauma or fear around appearing in family court? Are you going to family court in the future and you’re dreading the experience, or fear the unknown? Do you avoid filing paperwork, or have trouble advocating for your family, because the other parent, “has more money, is more powerful, (or) knows how to lie better than I do?” Family court can be an excellent tool to ensure your child’s best interests are legally met, however knowing what to do can be tricky. Visit this class to learn the definitions of terms like: CFI, PCDM, GAL, CASA, Parenting Time, Residential Care and more. Learn about what you really want for your children and family, how to document communications and decisions in an effective way; how to maintain some sort of normalcy for you and your children during family court events; how to retain your power, protect your children, and maintain emotionally healthy while co-parenting with a toxic parent; tools to utilize to increase the efficiency of your case; free and cost-efficient resources for legal advice/representation. If you live in regret, fear, or grief because of family court, please come seek some relief! 

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Eliza M. Love, M.A.
Pre-K-8th Instructor – D-11
Adjunct Professor,
Grand Canyon University

Session #20: College and Career Success

The next step…how do I prepare for life after high school?

Learn how to explore and choose the pathway that’s right for you to build your future.

Course booklet authored by facilitator will be provided to each participant.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Kristi Smith
Colorado Early Colleges, Colorado Springs
Author, Instructor

Session #21: Rising Seniors

(Juniors/Seniors in High School)

  • Financial Budgeting/Savings – Learn how to budget and save while you are still young and free of major responsibilities. With a spending plan, you will be surprised at how much you can save.  Also, when you invest your money early, you do not just earn interest on that investment, but over time you also earn interest on your interest.  Learn key strategies to “KEEP FROM BEING BROKE”.

  • Cooking 101 – In this class we will discuss the advantages of eating right and staying hydrated while living on your own for the first time or in a dorm. We will practice making a quick healthy snack that helps keep us full between meals.

  • Time Management – How many times have you started a project/assignment, not accomplished very much, only to look at the clock and discover that it’s time for your next class/project? Where did the time go?

    Time seems to be a pretty leaky thing.  Unless it’s carefully controlled, it dribbles away second by second, hour by hour.  Yet, this very flexibility can be used to your advantage.  When you control time, you can learn, in effect, how to make time stand still while you get more projects/assignments done.

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Jacob Larsen, AAMS
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones


Jessie Henderson
Care and Share

Deborah Hendrix
CD Global Training & Consulting

Session #22: Zumba

Join us for one-hour of exercise.  Join us for one-hour of exercise.  Zumba is one of the most popular exercise crazes in recent years, and with good reason! There are many health benefits of zumba, including its ability to burn fat, work out the entire body, boost the metabolism, increase endurance, boost mood, aid coordination, and improve confidence.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Leon M Abdullah-Ward
Owner, In-Balance

Session #23: Making Math Make Sense

(Elementary School)

This session will focus on Number Patterns for Addition, Multiples, Rounding Numbers, Fractions and Dealing with Decimals.  Join this session and help your younger scholars understand that “Practice makes progress” rather than ‘Practice makes perfect’.

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Mary Ann Hubl
Owner, Math ETC LLC

Tutoring, Speaker, Math/Algebra/Geometry website

March 17


Session #24: Learning Your Way

It is important to understand how you learn in relation to how you work with others. This is particularly true for parents working with their children. This interactive session will help you to use how you learn to improve how you work with others at home and work. Participants will explore learning styles and identify their own unique style. 

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dr. Bridgitt Mitchell
Administrator, Professor, and Consultant

April 7


Session #25: Renew your Parenting Journey with a Review of the Pillars for Success

If you have participated in any of the Pillars for Success Parenting Trainings offered by Parents Challenge, be sure to attend this fun-filled, energy packed review of the 9 Pillars of Successful Parenting.

We will:  

  1. Review the main ideas of each of the 9 Pillars, 
  2. Explore how each of the Pillars apply to your achieving successful interactions with your children 
  3. Answer your questions as they arise 


6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sandra Kwesell
Pillars for Success – Families in Transition

Please be advised. These sessions could be changed or postponed due to instructor cancellations, school dynamics or limited enrollment.