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Founded in 2000 by Steve & Joyce Schuck, Parents Challenge provides families with tools and resources to exercise educational choice to achieve academic success. Parents Challenge has provided educational choice to nearly 2,000 students and their families. Almost two million dollars have been disbursed in scholarships and grants to ensure that choice is never limited to only those of means. As they take responsibility for their children’s education, parents have also taken more control of their own lives. Parents Challenge students have prospered, gaining the confidence and skills to succeed in life.

Seventeen years of measuring academic performance have taught us that empowered parents and guardians working through the support system of our programs have dramatically improved their lives and those of their children. Through the work of Parents Challenge, families have been transformed and they, as well as our community, are better off as a result.

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Students Thrive with Parents Challenge

Parents Challenge parents have more positive views of the teachers at their school of choice than Colorado parents as a group. Specifically, they are more likely to feel that teachers are accessible (85.7%), keep them informed (80%), and contact them regarding their child’s good behavior (75.3%).

Torres Family

Yesenia and Victor Torres raised their five children with the belief that getting a great education is the key to achieving the American Dream. With few financial resources and stuck in a neighborhood plagued by low-performing schools, they set out to find a way to secure a brighter future for their kids.

“At the time we were living check-to-check and knew that our children were falling behind but lacked the resources to help them,” explained Victor. “Parents Challenge changed that and not only allowed us to send our kids to better schools but taught us how to support them in every aspect of their educations.”

“Our children are athletes, but not in the traditional sense,” he continued. “They strive for academic excellence, and understand the importance of character, leadership, and service.”

An indicator of the high-standards set by the students is that, to date, three-out-of-four of their students earned the prestigious Daniels Scholarship, which has allowed them to attend the college or university of their choice. Their fifth student is still in high school and also plans to apply for the Daniels Scholarship.

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Parents Challenge provides parents with financial support to choose the best educational options for their children. Students are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA and join their parents at evening workshops during the year to learn academic and life skills.

By equipping parents with choice in education Parents Challenge is changing lives. After years of scholarship support, the Torres family includes a graduate from Colorado College, a junior at Colorado State University, a sophomore at University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and two students at Coronado High School.

“Thank you to all the Parents Challenge staff and donors,” Yesenia added. “Thank you for giving us the power to choose!”

Parents Challenge students were more involved in supplemental learning activities outside of school, and exhibit more positive extra-learning qualities than their Colorado peers (National Center for Education Statistics, 2018).

PC students also became more involved/active in school functions as the school year progressed, notably in student government and sports, and more involved in activities within their community.
Examining the high school students, we see a substantial 5.3% increase in their GPA over the duration of the year – increasing from a B+ average to an A- from Fall to Spring.

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Download our QREM evaluation reports below.