Free online tutoring support from Lori Bitar

Free online tutoring support from Lori Bitar


Free online tutoring support from Lori Bitar

Hello Families – this is a free resource for K-8 students. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Lori Bitar.

Hello Parents:

I would love to support your families with free remote instruction and monitoring through the program, Education Galaxy. I work for the company as a trainer and account manager. It yields strong results and will help me guide your students to fill in any gaps that they may have.

The first step is to sign in–when you go to, there will be a message from our CEO and the student login button is in blue at the bottom of that screen.

Here are the usernames and passwords to sign in:

View the Student Hype Video together to learn how to use the program.

Bottom of screen: Student Hype Video

Step 2 is to take the diagnostic test. (yellow bar)

Start with the reading one this week and do the math one next week.

The yellow tab for the diagnostic has 2 questions for each standard and will take a bit of time to complete. The best thing to do is to have your child do 15-30 minutes of the test and take a break. They can hop into my study plan to work on a lesson and plan a game.

They will need to continue this pattern until they complete the diagnostics. Please let them complete the test without any help so that we can see where the strengths and weaknesses are for better instruction.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any further support getting started. I will continue to monitor and send you email updates as needed.

I have attached the parent letter for you so that you can download the app and monitor as well. Once you do download the app and connect to the students, they will get 10 free galaxy stars and unlock 2 games.

I am excited to try this out with you and see how we can work together to support the kids.

Have a great day!

Lori Bitar, M.S.
CEO: Academic Advocates

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