Weekly Practice for Your Second Grader

Weekly Practice for Your Second Grader



Weekly Boost Resources

To help support at-home learning, we are providing access to Weekly Boost, educator-curated worksheets, activities, and more aligned to the school year.

Math: Telling Time

Students will be able to tell and show time using analog clocks.

Tricky Time Telling

Telling Time Using Skip Counting

Reading: Nonfiction Comprehension

Reading nonfiction helps kids strengthen their comprehension skills. To practice summarizing nonfiction texts, encourage your child to use a graphic organizer for support!

Create a Nonfiction Text Summary

Summarize a Nonfiction Text

Writing: Peer Editing to Strengthen Writing

Have your child use the Neon Revision approach to analyze their writing. Highlight the first word of each sentence with a yellow highlighter, adjectives with a pink highlighter, and verbs with a blue highlighter.

Transition Words Fill-in-the-Blank

Opinion Writing Peer Review Checklist

Word Study: Irregular Plural Nouns

Try making irregular plural noun practice cards out of strips of paper. Have your child write the singular version of an irregular plural noun on the paper. Then, have them fold the right-hand corner to cover the letters that change when making the noun plural. Write the new ending that makes the noun plural. Your child can use these to practice and review.

More Than One: Irregular Plural Nouns

Irregular Plural Noun Match

FREE Independent Study Packets

To help support at-home learning, we launched more Independent Study Packets across all grades.

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