Families: Please take the time to complete your census. It takes about 15 minutes and is extremely important in financial resources being provided to the State of Colorado. Thank you for taking the time.

Every household will receive a census form by 4-1-2020.

Make sure to complete yours! Count everyone in the home.

Children under 5 are the most under counted group in the nation. Don’t forget the little ones! It will be 10 years before the next census and we want to make sure they get every bit of educational and medical funding available that the federal government has to offer.

Census information is confidential.

It is illegal for your information to be shared with ICE or any other law enforcement agency.

Please share the news: you will not be asked about citizenship.

You can still practice social distancing and complete the census. Do it online, by phone or by mail. You don’t have to leave your home! However,if you don’t do it, someone will come to your door!

Why should my family complete the census?

It is required by law, and the allocation of federal money to states is determined by census counts.


In January, there was more than 675 Billion in Federal dollars available for the states for everything from Head Start to highway funds. With COVID-19 additional dollars may be dedicated to states based on their population numbers.

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