Parents Challenge Update

Parents Challenge Update


Parents Challenge Update

Hello Parents:

I hope you are all following the guidance on COVID-19. I realize this is an unprecedented time and have caused all of us to have a new norm. During this time, please consider the tips provided by Sandi Kwesell (Pillars of Success) as you navigate this situation with your scholars.

Parents, if you are in need, please let us know how we can support you. Please utilize the resources provided by your schools, churches, library (online) and others we have sent to you. Please contact Lori Bitar or the Shapiro’s for tutoring support. You are not alone in this crisis so please let us know if you need support.

Update on Sessions: These 3 sessions will be broadcast live via streaming on the dates listed below. An invite will be sent with details on how to log-in and join the presentation.

April 7th – The Digital Boy: 7 Milestones of Male Development

Dedrick Sims, Founder,/CEO, Sims-Fayola Foundation will discuss how to ensure appropriate male development in this digital age. It will focus on how parents should control, expose, and monitor technology for their sons from birth to 18 years old.

April 14th – Parenting Class Refresher (graduates of 2017, 2018, 2019)

Do not miss your opportunity to share your successes and challenges with the parenting techniques taught by Sandra Kwesell. Sandi will be providing updates and additional resources to families. Come and share what’s working or not working.

Rules without Relationship = Rebellion
Relationship without Rules = Chaos
Relationship + Rules = Respect + Responsibility

April 23rd – Tips to Avoid the Summertime Slump

Come ready to get tips on how to keep your scholars engaged during the summer with Judy Hanke. Easy, fun ideas to keep your kids’ brains active. Fill your days with educational and memorable summer activities. Maintain and improve your child’s skills and enable them to return to school in the fall ready to learn.


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