Online support groups? Yes, we can do this!

Online support groups? Yes, we can do this!

Online support groups? Yes, we can do this!

Online support groups? Yes, we can do this!

Parents: If you are in need of support groups or other support through the National Alliance of Mental Illness, please check-in with NAMI.

“Felt good to see some familiar voices and faces.”

“I felt very relieved to still have support, especially during this tumultuous time.”

These are comments from people who joined NAMI Colorado Springs’ virtual Connection and Family support groups, respectively, earlier this week. As expected, there were a few technological hiccups in moving groups online for the first time, but they were manageable— thanks in large part to volunteer Chris Morgan being there to troubleshoot.

In the end, nine people turned out for Connection and seven for Family. We’re ready to see those numbers grow — and to offer additional groups as needed. So if you think you could use a group experience, please keep these times in mind:

Connection Support Group: 7 p.m., Tuesdays

Family Support Group: 7 p.m., Wednesdays

Click on the links for details on how to join a group. (We’ve refined those multiple times this week, in hopes of making them as clear as possible!) We hope to see you soon.


As shared on our blog, here are some COVID-19-related resources that we think are useful:

  • AspenPointe has confirmed that it is taking new patients for virtual care, and has posted a simple “Request appointment” button to the top right-hand corner of its homepage.
  • Innovations in Aging is maintaining a clearinghouse of COVID-19-related information for seniors. It’s a mix of locally relevant and universally practical information, such as a step-by-step guide to video calling family members.
  • Sounds True has provided a “digital care package” of free audio and video resources dedicated to helping promote and preserve personal resilience.

And because it’s Friday, here’s a Politico gallery of coronavirus-related cartoons from around the world.


Like so many organizations and people right now, we at NAMI are working to identify — mostly through trial and error — where we can be of the greatest help during this crisis. Next week, we will probably scale back our work on the blog to focus on other ideas. If you have any thoughts on how we can help you, someone you love, or the community during this time, please let us know — we would love to hear from you.

Until then, take care and stay safe this weekend.

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