NEW Independent Study Packets

NEW Independent Study Packets

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Parents: Thank you for all you do to support your scholar(s) during this unprecedented time. We know that many of you are changing, shifting, realigning your day to accommodate the needs of your family. Many of you are working from home, along with providing instructional guidance to your scholar(s) and also meeting the needs of family (cooking, laundry, exercise, cleaning, etc.). For those that are working on the front lines, THANK YOU. For those that are working or will start working on next week, please continue to be safe and stay healthy.

Please pace yourself and realize that everything cannot be done TODAY. Create a schedule for your household that allows everyone to have some alone time and an opportunity for reflection. Start a journal to capture what this experience has been like, the good and the bad.

Along with the educational component, please take time to LAUGH, play games, realize that this has happened for a reason and there is good in every situation. Focus on what you can do and not what you cannot do.

Please let us know how we can support you. Blessings to you. 😊

Free Independent Study Packets (NEW Week & Features)

Check out our Independent Study Packets, which cover a week’s worth of learning materials! Our newest week is an activity packet, encouraging creation, design, and movement.

Plus, Explore More Free Learning Tools.

Weekly Boost

Boost your child’s skills with resources created by teachers and aligned to the school year.

Brainzy Kids

Practice key skills online with a collection of fun educational games, songs, and stories.

Supporting Children During School Closures

We compiled a list of resources for learning during school closures, covering academic subjects, art, and social emotional wellness.

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