Learn Everywhere

Learn Everywhere


Learn Everywhere

Hello Families: Please read and join. Share with friends, family and neighbors.

I have heard from several of you that you want to be able to talk to others and see what parents and students are engaging in on a daily basis. Well, join this Facebook Group and the magic begins with exploring, talking to others, gaining valuable resources and activities that will help ease your frustration and help you gain confidence in meeting the needs of your children.

This Facebook Group has wonderful examples and fun activities that are so creative, educational, fun and chalked with learning opportunities for all ages.

This is your opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, suggestions and support.

Yes. Every Kid. Learn Everywhere

During this unprecedented moment, millions of students are out of school, but that doesn’t mean a child’s education should be put on hold. Students have the power to learn everywhere, to support one another, and help every kid receive a wonderful learning experience.

That’s what inspired the launch of the Facebook Group LearnEverywhere.

It’s a collaborative online community where teachers, parents, and students can share ideas, discover engaging projects, and find encouragement to #LearnEverywhere. Schools are closed, but we know education isn’t a place. Learning happens everywhere!

You can support this community by taking three easy steps:

  • Join our Facebook Group.
  • Share an idea or link to online learning material or experiences.
  • Invite other educators, parents, and friends who can contribute to and benefit from our community.

No one person can solve the challenges we face. But together, we can find ways for kids to #LearnEverywhere.

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