Happy Holidays from Parents Challenge

Happy Holidays from Parents Challenge


Happy Holidays!

As we gather with our families during this special time of year, it is good to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to live in a country that is free and where the American dream is alive and well, at least for some.  Reality is, however, that it still eludes too many in our community.

Do not all children deserve the opportunity for a quality education regardless of their financial circumstances or zip code?  Do you search for the best school for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews?  Of course you do, because you know how valuable a good education is to every child. But, unfortunately, too many children in Colorado Springs, mostly in low-income neighborhoods, are assigned to schools that fail them, that cheat them.  Tragically and incredibly, half the students in Colorado Springs’ public schools are not reading, writing, adding or subtracting at grade level.  Fortunately, Parents Challenge is here to help.

Over the past 19 years, Parents Challenge has thrown a lifeline to more than 2,000 kids coming from low-income families, helping their parents identify and choose schools they think are best for their children.  They make the choice!  Education decisions should be made by those best qualified to make them. PARENTS!  Parents Challenge empowers economically disadvantaged parents with financial and informational resources they can use to choose whatever school they determine is best for their own children, be it traditional public, charter public, private, or home.

In addition to providing grants and scholarships, Parents Challenge conducts 22 parent empowerment meetings that mentor participants in how to set goals, develop skills, address challenges and track their children’s academic and behavioral progress.  These meetings are open to the public and address specific subjects requested by parents themselves, (please visit www.parentschallenge.org for complete list and calendar).  Our mentoring helps parents become more effective, successful mentors of their own children, more empowered education consumers, and more engaged citizens.

We are proud to also offer our programs through employers who want to make them available to their lower wage earners as an employee benefit, as has been done by the Broadmoor Hotel.  If you know of other employers interested in doing the same, please introduce us.

Please join so many of our and your friends by making a difference in the lives of hard working, deserving families who only want what is best for their children, just like all of us.  Hundreds of students remain on our waiting list, awaiting funding.  Your investment in Parents Challenge will help us help more of them, and you will literally be transforming lives.

You have our sincerest thanks for anything you choose to do and may the Holiday Season bring blessings to you and your family and to those we serve.


Steve & Joyce Schuck

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