Get Support with At-Home Learning

Get Support with At-Home Learning

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Get Support with At-Home Learning

To Our Community of Parents,

As more schools continue to close, we are here to support you. As parents ourselves, we understand the challenge in providing a quality learning experience for your children in these unusual times.

To help parents transitioning to at-home learning, we are providing free access to some of our best learning resources (see below for details).

The Team

Resources for At-Home Learning

Independent Study Packets

A week’s worth of learning materials across all subjects in one easy download.

Weekly Boost

Boost your students’ skills with our educator-curated bundles. Tip: Download the week all at once to make a learning packet.

Brainzy – Learning Games for Kids

Practice key skills online with a collection of educational games, songs, and stories, in our Guided Lessons. offers even more resources to aid your students’ learning journey, including worksheets, activities, and interactive games. To learn more, please visit our Product Information Page.

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