Final Week of Math Month

Final Week of Math Month

Math Month


This Week’s Free Math Game

It’s been fun to celebrate Math! We hope you enjoy this final week’s game and Guided Lesson.

Celebrating Math Month: This Week’s Free Game

Identifying Coins: Couch Fishing

The ability to identify coins comes in handy in this couch surfing game. Kids click on the couch coins to correctly answer the questions.

Family Math Games

In this blog post, learn how to add Math challenges to classic games like Uno and Candyland.

Add to Your Knowledge with Guided Lessons

This week’s Math game is part of a Guided Lesson, crafted to help kids polish core skills. Here’s how Guided Lessons work:

  • Search for lessons by grade or subject
  • Kids can practice at their own pace
  • We’ll suggest the skills they’re ready to learn next

Upgrade to a Premium Membership for Unlimited Resources

Multiply your math fun with Premium, for unlimited access to:

  • Interactive Games, Songs, and Stories
  • Guided Lessons
  • Worksheets and Activities

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