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Discover New Content

A Safe Space for Trying Something New.

Art projects that build math skills. Games that teach science. Reading that inspires writing. Discover new and creative resources to help your child fall in love with learning.

Worksheet: Math

Which Is Not a Multiple?

Ask kids to identify which number does not belong in the group in this two-page worksheet.

Game: Reading & Writing

Prefix and Suffix Fish

Help kids understand the meaning of new words and strengthen reading skills with this word-building game.

Activity: Science

Homemade Submarine

This activity has kids craft a submarine and explore the physics of flotation using upcycled materials.

Worksheet: Reading & Writing

Bee Poems

Kids will use this fun bee-themed worksheet to write sensory list poems all about bees!

Game: Math

2-D and 3-D Shape Sort: Factory

Introduce kids to common 3-D shapes like cubes, pyramids, and cylinders with this sorting game.

Activity: Math

Make Milk Carton Counting Houses

This whimsical craft helps kids connect groups of things to abstract numbers using upcycled materials.

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