Audible: Free Resources

Audible: Free Resources



Great Resources for Families

Credit goes to Step Up For Students out of Florida.

Last month, as the COVID-19 pandemic began closing our nation’s schools, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was the recipient of a very persuasive essay from nine Florida students. The five-paragraph essay eloquently outlined how “Audible would help students with learning disabilities, speakers of other languages, and any student whose school is closed because of the pandemic.”

The students’ essay (read it here) was emailed on March 13 to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking that Audible books be made available to everyone while schools are closed during the pandemic. It was forwarded to Don Katz, founder of Audible.

After a few emails between Katz’s assistant and Bo, Audible created, where hundreds of books in six languages are available for streaming worldwide.

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